Swimming Pool, Spas & Water Treatment Systems

Swimming Pool, Spas & Water Treatment Systems


Wabash Transformer excels in designing and manufacturing Transformers with quality achieved by Standards and Certified Processes to meet demand over a wide range of Industrial applications.

Listed below are few Industries where Wabash Transformer's products find themselves useful and applied in small, medium and high production runs.


  • Swimming Pool, Spas & Water Treatment Systems

In the swimming pool, spas and water treatment systems industry, Wabash Transformer has worked with major corporations during the design, bidding and production of transformers. Our class 2 transformers and other power transformers have been used in commercial and residential water treatment systems. Wabash Transformer is minorities’ registered small business and also work with government and utilities sectors.

Wabash Transformer, design transformers for these systems and work perfect with systems. Our expertise can design to meet your any stringent requirement at a cost that make your system cost effective.


  • Off the shelf items available to ship within three days.
  • Comprehensive design engineering assistance.
  • High performance and product reliability to meet design objectives.
  • 100% quality tested prior to shipping.


  • Standard items are UL/cUL and some CE listed
  • Flexible supply chain to meet your short, mid and long term requirements.
  • Transformers range from 1VA to 3KVA.
  • Available with single, dual and multiple inputs and outputs.
  • Popular mounting styles, ranging from Printed Circuit Mount, brackets and/or frames.
  • Different types of termination available
  • Low profile designs available when height is a limitation.
  • Custom design to meet your particular need.
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